[zeromq-dev] Task queues using ZeroMQ and inproc

Cosmo Harrigan cosmo.harrigan at singularityu.org
Tue Mar 11 23:25:35 CET 2014


If an application is using ZeroMQ exclusively as a concurrency framework,
and only using inproc sockets, and the goal is to implement a task
parallelism abstraction like the ventilator/sink pattern, is there any way
to avoid the overhead involved in object serialization and deserialization
that is involved since the approach is no longer using a shared memory
model with pointers to the objects?

I see there was a similar discussion previously:

which suggested passing object pointers as messages over inproc. However, I
am also concerned that if you do that, you're giving up one of the main
benefits of using message passing, since once again you have the potential
for multiple threads to share state. I also understand that you're
restricting yourself from scaling to additional machines.

Also, Pieter had commented "don't pass pointers around" here:

What are common approaches to address this scenario?

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