[zeromq-dev] C++ coding standard?

Tom Nakamura tnakamura at eml.cc
Tue Mar 4 06:09:42 CET 2014

I've noticed that ZeroMQ, like most other large libraries written in
C++, chooses a specific subset of C++ and consistently adheres to it.   
For example, I don't see a single throw/catch outside the tests/, most
classes have only 1 simple constructor and STL classes are used
sparingly.  So:

Do the ZeroMQ developers have a coding standard/guideline for C++
development, akin to MISRA or Google's C++ Style Guide?

I know there is RFC 21 (CLASS) but that seems to be more about
aesthetics and high-level project architecture.  I ask because I want to
learn enough C++ so I can better understand ZeroMQ but don't want to
waste time learning stuff that the project does not use.  (I already
know C).
thank you,

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