[zeromq-dev] Go codec for zproto

Armen Baghumian armen at opensourceclub.org
Sun Jun 29 16:03:52 CEST 2014


For anyone whom is interested having a Golang port of Zproto codec,
go_codec branch in my fork [1] is an initial port of zproto_codec_c to

Obviously the code isn't mature and well tested and should
have bugs, so bug reports are welcome and appreciated. Also if you
have suggestions on improving the implementation I'll be happy to
hear and ofcourse you can fork it as well.

In the initial implementation everything should work except "repeat"
and "custom type".

I'm also looking for a way of testing two codecs in a way to make sure
they're 100% compatible, I'm not sure how so I'll be more than happy
to hear your suggestions.

P.S.: To generate the code use following command in /src directory:

   gsl -script:zproto_codec_go zproto_example.xml

[1] https://github.com/armen/zproto/tree/go_codec

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