[zeromq-dev] 0mq and MMORPG Distributed Servers

Majid Arif Siddiqui me at majidarif.com
Thu Jun 26 06:37:35 CEST 2014


I had this question on stackoverflow (stackoverflow.com/questions/24422340)
and someone told me about 0mq.

Now I need to know if it really is the case.
My requirements:

   - Be able to communicate between servers
   - Be able to send request to another server
   - Be able to respond to another servers request

This is my structure,

Client connects to a Gate server (load balancing)

Client selects a Channel and then its connection is forwarded to the
specific Channel server.

Now that the client is on the Channel server it can only communicate with
that server and nothing else.

What the Channel server does is decrypt and encrypt incoming and outgoing

Now let us say that the client sends the login packet to the Channel
server. The Channel server knows that packet that is but can't handle it.
So it passes the request to the Auth server. Auth server does appropriate
stuff then sends back to the Channel server, then the Channel server
encrypts the data and sends it back to the client.

So can I use 0mq as a way to communicate BETWEEN servers?


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