[zeromq-dev] two-way pub-sub, good design?

Guangyu Zhou tomzgy at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 06:25:47 CEST 2014

Dear community, I am trying 0mq on a personal trading system where latency
is to be minimized. I went through the zguide yet didn't find a pattern
that perfectly suit my requirement.

I come up with a design as following. The two way pub-sub feels strange.

other part1 pub----                    ---->sub persistent worker1
other part2 pub----            ---->sub persistent worker2
other part3 pub---->sub(ex)         pub(in) ---->sub persistent worker3
            * manager*
other part1 sub<----pub(ex)         sub(in) <----pub persistent worker1
other part2 sub<----                              <----pub persistent
other part3 sub<----                              <----pub persistent

some uncommon features required are:
1. workers are not identical, and some tasks may involve multiple workers.
2. workers have inner states.  so they are not killed when jobs done, they
3. workers may be dynamically added or removed.
4. heavy calculation may happen in worker.

Before proceeding,  some thoughts from you 0mq expert will be very helpful.

Thanks a lot.
Guangyu ZHOU
Mobile:    +86 139 8945 4329 (China)
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