[zeromq-dev] JZMQ stable/production ready build

Petr Postulka ppostulka at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 15:26:23 CEST 2014

Hi all,

I would like to ask which combination of jzmq/libzmq is the most stable and
recommended for production use. I can see that the last published version
in maven central is version 3.0.1 from 08-Oct-2013, which seems pretty old.

Trevor or any other project maintainer - is there any plan to publish to
maven central new version of JZMQ and also to publish there windows builds
too? Right now you always publish just Linux version and it would be nice
to have the same version published for both platforms together. So there is
no need to build the libraries on your own and trying to find out which
specific versions of libzmq/jzmq to use.

Also can someone recommend the specific version of libzmq with specific
version (commit hash tag) of jzmq, which should be used together and is
recommended as the most stable combination?

We would like to use jzmq on both Linux and Windows platforms in 64 bit

I was trying to build current JZMQ master for Windows x64 platform and I
succeeded, but when I tried to build the same revision as it is published
in maven central for Linux I could not make it work.

Thank you and kind regards,

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