[zeromq-dev] Go examples in ØMQ - The Guide

Peter Kleiweg pkleiweg at xs4all.nl
Tue Jun 24 15:46:51 CEST 2014

There are examples in Go for part of the examples in the ZGuide. 
These are based in the Go bindings in 
github.com/alecthomas/gozmq . These bindings are for ZMQ version 
2, with partial support for version 3. This software is not 
developed any further.

I suggest to replace these by the bindings in 
github.com/pebbe/zmq3 or github.com/pebbe/zmq4. The examples for 
the ZGuide are complete, the binding cover all of version 3 and 
version 4 (there is also zmq2 for version 2), and is for Go 
programmers much easier to use. The zmq4 version also has 
special support for the security that is new in 0mq Version 4, 
with Go versions of the examples in http://hintjens.com/blog:49 .

Peter Kleiweg

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