[zeromq-dev] zbeacon and Mac OS

Carlos Agüero caguero at osrfoundation.org
Tue Jun 24 06:50:15 CEST 2014

hi Matt,

I've tested czmq 2.0.2 and it seems to work.

I also tried the next tagged version, 2.1.0, and I got this assertion:

"14-06-23 21:44:02 E: (UDP) error 'Can't assign requested address' on bind
Assertion failed: (false), function zsys_socket_error, file zsys.c, line 546.
Abort trap: 6"

Version 2.2.0 doesn't give any error messages but doesn't work with my
test program.

The API between 2.0.2 and 2.1.0 changed, having to pass an extra
argument with a zctx_t* .

Any ideas?


On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 5:32 PM, Matt Connolly <matt.connolly at me.com> wrote:
> Hi Carlos,
> zbeacon should work on Mac. The rbczmq gem wraps this functionality and has some tests to verify it working from within ruby. I’ve tested this on Mac, SmartOS and Linux. But I think the gem is still using czmq 2.0, not 2.2 yet, so there could have been some changes between then. I’m a bit busy to take a look right now unfortunately, but maybe you could start by seeing if there are any changes between czmq 2.0 and 2.2.
> Regards,
> Matt
>> On 24 Jun 2014, at 8:07 am, Carlos Agüero <caguero at osrfoundation.org> wrote:
>> hi,
>> I am building a multi platform library using zeromq. So far,
>> everything went well while running on Linux. However, on Mac OS I am
>> not able to make zbeacon work. Attached you can find a test example
>> that works on Linux but not on Mac.
>> The program, just creates a beacon, subscribes to everything and
>> publishes a beacon. After that, I am expecting to receive the beacon
>> when I do zstr_recv(...).
>> In Mac OS, I don't receive any data. I'm using Mac OS X 10.9.3
>> (Mavericks) and czmq v2.2.0.
>> Is zbeacon suppose to work on Mac OS?
>> Thanks,
>> Carlos
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