[zeromq-dev] some questions of zeromq

zhanglei-ds4(张雷.信息技术中心.搜索组) zhanglei-ds4 at yolo24.com
Thu Jun 12 05:37:45 CEST 2014

Dear Mr,
I come from china. and we have used the latest zeromq(4.0.4) in our project . but there are some questions coming . that is :
   a lot of messages lose in PUB-SUB . so I have to use older version zeromq(2.2.0)  ,and I set ZMQ_HWM and ZMQ_SWAP , the message is no longer lost in PUB_SUB.
I have two question:
1. since the version 3.2.0 , zeromq can not set ZMQ_SWAP ,why  are you cancle ZMQ_SAWP ?
2. if I use latest zeromq , how to avoid lose message in PUB-SUB ?  I set ZMQ_HWM in PUB-SUB , but  message still lose , how to do?

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