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Chris Hafey chafey at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 16:26:21 CEST 2014

Hi Pieter,
  Being a C# user brand new to ZeroMQ, it wasn't clear to me how to get
started and I would be happy to help by updating the wiki.  Here is my
understanding of the situation:

1) There is no one "official" C#/.NET ZeroMQ library.  ZeroMQ is a
community project and individual communities support and maintain their own
libraries.  The core/mainline zeromq development is done in the c library
and updates cascade down to the other libraries as each library community
implements it.
2) There are several C#/.NET ZeroMQ libraries to choose from each with
different pros and cons.  All but NetMQ depend on the C zeromq library
which can be a pro or con depending upon your needs.  The con could be the
dependency on a native dll.  The pro could be having the latest / most up
to date functionality and bug fixes.
   - clrzmq 2.2 - Pros: Stable, well documented and officially released.
 Cons: Old version, no longer maintained
   - clrzmq 3.0 - Pros: Stable and well documented.  Cons: Not officially
released, no longer maintained, ZeroMQ mainline no longer compatible with
   - fszmq - Pros: Stable, active community, F# specific features  Cons:
documentation lacking compared to clrzmq
   - NetMQ - Pros: 100% .net implementation, generally works, active
community.  Cons: Still in development and may not be suitable for
production?, documentation lacking compared to clrzmq
3) For a C# developer brand new to zeromq and trying to learn it, it is
recommended to start with the clrzmq 3.0 prerelease version because it is
well documented and there are many good examples of its use.  Once you get
familiar with ZeroMQ, you should consider switching to fszmq or netmq which
both have active communities behind them.

I am sure I got some of this wrong so please don't be offended if I
misinterpreted the state of things!  Please reply to this thread with any
corrections and I'll update the wiki.  Thanks


On Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 7:30 AM, Pieter Hintjens <ph at imatix.com> wrote:

> Chris,
> NetMQ is certainly part of the ZeroMQ community and lives at
> https://github.com/zeromq/netmq, and is actively maintained. I hear
> good things about it though like anything, you'll want to try for
> yourself.
> Similarly, fszmq is another "official" community project and may be
> what you want.
> The wiki pages are edited by users, so feel free to add/correct any
> information you feel is missing or outdated.
> -Pieter
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