[zeromq-dev] about inproc mode of jeromq

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No, jeromq is not an in-memery reference passing queue like the disruptor.

If you’re building a message based application, zeromq would be perfect solution for you, and you could choose or mix your prefer languages. 

But if you need a fast java only in-memory queue, the disruptor might be a better solution.


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Subject:  [zeromq-dev] about inproc mode of jeromq  

I am using jeromq recently. And I find that I still need to serialize and deserialize data to make a msg when using the inproc mode of jeromq. Could I add the Object of data to a msg directly ? So that I don't need to serialize and deserialize the Object of data like using disruptor. 
If posible, how to implement it?
Thank you very much.
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