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Acutaully after downloading  czmq from here czmq-2.2.0.zip for Windows ,I could not find win32\czmq.sln..Maybe you can have a try downloading from this link and check it out.I am so confused.
Then i change to another link czmq-2.0.3.zip for Windows this previous one.I find folder win32.However,there is no czmq.sln under this folder.I just find czmq.sln outside folder win32.Then i build this project with vs2008.During my building process,so many errors and warnings that i can not even tell all of them.What i am wondering is First:Are there some problems with this linkczmq-2.2.0.zip for Windows,cause i could find the specific win32\czmq.sln
               Second:If there are no problems with that link,are there any other things i should do before i build the whole czmq.sln,like maybe link libzmq.lib or libzmq.dll or add some other header file like zmq.h or zmq_util.h.
I succeed in building libzmq.lib and libzmq.dll before.But why can not i succeed in building czmq?I just learn zmq for nearly one week,so please help me!

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maybe it would help if you tell what exactly is failing when you try to compile/link ? 

On Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 7:56 AM, 只和你 <843259180 at qq.com> wrote:
Who can tell me the steps of building czmq on windows.I have tried several times ,but failed.So are there other preparations  i have to do before building or just like this:To build on Windows
You need Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 or newer.
Unpack the .zip source archive.

In Visual C++ open the solution win32\czmq.sln.

Build the solution.

 CZMQ will be in the lib subdirectory.
Actually i build according to the above steps but failed.What is the problem??Please help me.

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