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techbird techbird at birdsoft.co.uk
Mon Jul 28 20:52:47 CEST 2014

Thank you for your post Trevor.  My question was to understand if the 
libraries were supportable, and maintainable from a commercial 
perspective.  As we all know there are different maturity models, and 
approaches to commercial open source across OS vendors.

I would guess from your reply that iMatrix might not support the JVM 

My use case is a business application for a commercial organisation; an 
in-house build.  I can only proceed with an open source library if it is 
accountable by a commercial support contract (with defined SLAs etc).

None the less; from a technical perspective can I sincerely thank you 
for your significant work.  My small Java prototypes have demonstrated 
the flexibility and power of the 0MQ approach.

Kind regards, Bird.

On 28/07/14 19:27, Trevor Bernard wrote:
> ZeroMQ was founded by iMatix and would be the company to approach
> about commercial support.
> If you are developing on the JVM, I've been the primary
> maintainer/contributor for JZMQ, CLJZMQ and JeroMQ for the last couple
> of years. If you're interested, it's possible we could work something
> out.
> Warmest regards,
> Trevor Bernard
> On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 2:32 PM, techbird <techbird at birdsoft.co.uk> wrote:
>> Is there a commercial subscription package for 0MQ and related project
>> JeroMQ, Zyre, Jyre et al?
>> I would like to understand if the project was used in a commercial
>> environment, what the costs are and what the support contract covers? - all
>> from a high level perspective.
>> Thank you kindly - Bird.
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