[zeromq-dev] Note on help in IRC [constructive criticism, I hope]

Jonas Thiem jonasthiem at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 24 16:45:55 CEST 2014


I'd like to point out a highly subjective help experience on IRC.

I had a simple ROUTER/DEALER test case and tried to trim it down to
the essential things to make it easy for people to point out my
mistake. However, I messed up the following things:
1. I used a thread for the server, but I forgot to call .start() on the instance
2. I missed the fact from the zmq_socket api reference that ROUTER
needs to deal with the delimiters themselves (I wrongly assumed this
would be some detail handled inside pyzmq)

The reaction was the following:
1. I was sent away and told to return once I read the whole ZMQ guide
2. I should learn Python first

People miss things in the manual, and I'd like to point out this is
probably not the best way to handle help requests. When I tried to
diplomatically point that out in the channel (at least I hope I did, I
tried to), I was told I was "worth an ignore".

Sorry if I annoyed people on IRC. It really wasn't my intention. But I
hope it is seful to you if I note down here that from my subjective
point of view, the response wasn't that amazing either.

Jonas Thiem

PS: If you think I am an idiot and annoying, I am very sorry. Please
try to ignore this message and I hope I won't bother you further. Just
trying to help improve the support response - if the fault is with me,
then I apologize.

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