[zeromq-dev] question about sub/pub speed and capability

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thank you for your response. yes, we do need to do a real, hardware test; we just don't have the capacity to put it on 100's of machines. 

I will look into those benchmark apps but also I did not know about the 1k default limit. 
that is good to know. 

the real question is if those 400-500 subscribers can quickly receive the simple signal, say within in 5 seconds. 
our tests on 4-5 station come back instantly.

thank you.

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Given the specificity of your requirement would it not be easier to ‎implement a pub/sub on your own hardware and network and measure how long it takes with payloads which are realistically sized to match what you are sending? You can't escape testing it yourself anyway. Benchmark apps are included in the zmq source code. 

Also be aware the high watermarks default to 1000 so if you burst at more than 1k sends you can lose messages with pub/sub. 


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general question about sub/pub capabilities:our program needs to quickly send a message to possibly hundreds of receivers. 
let's say we want 1 publisher publishing a single, simple message to 400 subscribers within 5 seconds. 

as I understand that the ZMQ protocol really has the Subscribers "pull" the message 
as oppose to a single sender "pushing out" hundreds of messages to the different receivers, 

how fast can all the of the receiver/subscribers get the message?

would this depend on the "horse-power" of the workstations?
how robust the network infra-structure is?
what would be the limitations that would slow down the message transmission?

please let me know if you need clarifying details.

thank you.

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