[zeromq-dev] Help , why my service cannot receive the data when the client restart?

lgf gaofenglihao at 126.com
Fri Jul 11 12:09:13 CEST 2014

Hello experts:

I made a dealer+router model. The dealer on the client ARM/linux2.6.39, router on server PC/WIN7.

My question is: Why can the normal communication of the server and the client, when the client power-off restart, the server does not receive the data sent by the client request.

My testing process:

1) the premise: Dealer client to send data, the server can receive normal.

2) when the restart IDENTITYA client, server not to read data. 

3) I modify the A client IDENTITY to B, and restart the client, the server and the client can be a normal communication. This process has been in normal operation state of the boot server.

4) I  analysis is this: the feeling is when a client server restart, retained the IDENTITYA link state, while the client after the reset, but also in the new context creates a corresponding new IDENTITYA link to connect the server. While the IDENTITYA server that was stored in the last context, that IDENTITYA has been linked to, but do not belong to the same context, so the server router will not receive. But the server only and close the zmq_term socket API (while the other links in the normal operation can not be used) and found no clear IDENTITYA API?

Who can give me some directions and suggestions to solve the problem?

 Thank you very much.


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