[zeromq-dev] PeriodicCallback timeout?

Indradhanush Gupta indradhanush.gupta at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 10:14:19 CEST 2014


I am using a PeriodicCallback in pyzmq, that checks a python Queue for data
that needs to be sent.

It looks like this -

    self.to_client = Queue.Queue()

    def check_to_client(self):
        while not self.to_client.empty():
            data = self.to_client.get()

So, going by the current callback definition, it sends each element of the
Queue until it is empty. I am wondering if this is good. It appears, that
this callback might block if the Queue is very large.

I have two approaches in mind.

1. Send n items, then return, where n = a number that will not block. So is
there an idea on what might be a good number?

2. Use a timeout on check_to_client, such that it runs for n milliseconds
and returns. Again what would be a good enough number for this? But also,
is this even possible?

Any other solution that someone has used before? This appears to be a very
common problem.

Indradhanush Gupta
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