[zeromq-dev] zmq_socket_monitor blocks port of REP/REQ TCP/IP in C

Björn Kuhlbrodt bjoern.kuhlbrodt at gpsolar.com
Thu Jan 23 10:02:17 CET 2014

>No offence taken, sorry if I seemed rude. What I meant to say was, it's user-built software, so if you have suggestions for >improvements, the right way to make them is via patches.

Excellent and agreed. 

In the meantime I found the problem by debugging into the ZMQ sources. I'll describe the problem here, and a workaround just to make sure that this threads ends with a solution.

1. The problem: 
	- when closing the context, the tcp_listeners go into tcp_listener_t::process_term
	- which calls a tcp_listener_t::close
	- which sends a socket->event_closed (endpoint, s);
	- which calls socket_base_t::monitor_event
	- which executes if (monitor_socket)
	In the meantime, someone (the reaper?) sends STOP for the monitor sockets
	- which calls socket_base_t::process_stop
	- which calls socket_base_t::stop_monitor()
	- which closes the monitor_socket
	- end sets monitor_socket = NULL

I can see that monitor_socket is != NULL when I enter socket_base_t::monitor_event, but NULL when it crashes. I.e. we have a race condition between _ctx_term sending and event_closed and the shutting down of the monitor socket.

2. Workaround:

There is an undocumented feature in socket_base_t::monitor:

    // Support deregistering monitoring endpoints as well
    if (addr_ == NULL) {
        stop_monitor ();
        return 0;

So I call 

rc = zmq_socket_monitor(m_pZReceiveSocket, NULL, ZMQ_EVENT_ALL);

	- which calls socket_base_t::monitor
	- which calls stop_monitor ();
	- which closes the monitor and sets monitor_socket = NULL
	- So later (few ms really) when ctx_term comes to work:
	- monitor_socket == NULL and _base_t::monitor_event does no try to send an event with the dying monitor

3. Solution

zmq_disconnect should also call stop_monitor. I'll try to make a patch, but it'll take some time.

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> No offence meant. I appreciate your work and being a developer myself can full-heartedly understand that 'Hey that free stuff isn't working'-mails are not welcome.

No offence taken, sorry if I seemed rude. What I meant to say was, it's user-built software, so if you have suggestions for improvements, the right way to make them is via patches.

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