[zeromq-dev] What prevents reading a message self sent ?

Laurent Alebarde l.alebarde at free.fr
Tue Jan 21 11:09:54 CET 2014

Hi Devs,

This is my thuesday morning stupid question: say I have a socket on 
which I send a message, and just after I put a receive on this same 
socket in the code. What prevents in libzmq to receive the message I 
have just sent ?

Let's raise the question differently, what prevents zmq_proxy to loop 
indefinitely since what it receives on socket A, it sends it on socket 
B, and vice versa ?

socket A                                        socket B
    | ______________________\______________________ |
    |/                      /                      \|
    |                                               |
    |                       \                       |
     zmq_proxy(A,B)does not loop on itself like this

Why does it manage to work like this:

socket A                                        socket B
    |                                               |
    |       |
    |               |

zmq_proxy(A,B)does what it is expected to do, yeah !

Can I chain: zmq_proxy(A,B); zmq_proxy(B,C), zmq_proxy(C,D), assuming I 
start them in different threads ?


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