[zeromq-dev] Associating messages to authenticated clients

Brandon Carpenter brandon.carpenter at pnnl.gov
Tue Jan 21 00:07:06 CET 2014

I am using a PULL socket to receive messages which are subsequently 
forwarded to a PUB socket. Each client may have a list of allowed topics 
associated with it's CURVE public key. When incoming messages are 
published, I need to filter topics using the source's approved topic 
list to restrict the topics a client may publish, which means I must 
somehow associate incoming messages with the authenticated client. The 
ZAP RFC makes it sound like that is what the user identifier is for.
> The authenticator replies with an OK/NOT OK response, with a user id 
> that the server can use to identify the user to internal application code.
Looking through the code and documentation, there doesn't appear to be 
any method for the application to retrieve the user identifier. Is this 
correct or am I missing something? Is there another way to accomplish 
the above scenario of associating messages with an authenticated client? 
If not, then I will post my ideas for implementing such a feature.



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