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What's your experience in building parallelized application on top of
ZeroMQ instead of locking blocks?
Can you tell us pros and cons?

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>   Hi,
> I’m happy to inform the iMatix Corporation staff and especially the
> developers team that
> Hierarchical Cluster Engine (HCE) project opened for public access.
> The network transport engine of HCE that is base of another functional
> parts is built on ZMQ library and extends
> PPP implementation to construct network cluster infrastructure and hold
> relations between nodes.
> Also, inproc interactions for message handling and multithreaded
> processing application pattern also build on ZMQ engine and
> does not using any locking blocks like mutexes, semaphores, condition
> variables and so on to build parallel messages processing
> for multi sockets service application.
> Key functionality of HCE system is Distributed Remote Command Execution
> and Distributed Sphinx Search network clusterization.
> HCE provides the solution for hierarchical nodes interaction with
> universal structural model of distributed computations
> that usually named network computational cluster or structured cloud.
> So, possible our solution can be interesting in sense of some
> collaboration of teams and productive knowledge interchange.
> Please, for more detailed information check our main project's site:
> http://hierarchical-cluster-engine.com
> With my best wishes, Gennady.
> Bye.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Gennady Baranov,
> Head of the search systems department,
> architecture designer engineer,
> projection and strategy adviser
> IOIX corp., eTek Systems co.
> http://hierarchical-cluster-engine.com,
> http://www.ioix.com,
> http://ioix.com.ua
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