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I’m happy to inform the iMatix Corporation staff and especially the developers team that 
Hierarchical Cluster Engine (HCE) project opened for public access.

The network transport engine of HCE that is base of another functional parts is built on ZMQ library and extends
PPP implementation to construct network cluster infrastructure and hold relations between nodes.
Also, inproc interactions for message handling and multithreaded processing application pattern also build on ZMQ engine and
does not using any locking blocks like mutexes, semaphores, condition variables and so on to build parallel messages processing
for multi sockets service application.

Key functionality of HCE system is Distributed Remote Command Execution and Distributed Sphinx Search network clusterization.
HCE provides the solution for hierarchical nodes interaction with universal structural model of distributed computations
that usually named network computational cluster or structured cloud.

So, possible our solution can be interesting in sense of some collaboration of teams and productive knowledge interchange.

Please, for more detailed information check our main project's site: 

With my best wishes, Gennady.


Gennady Baranov,

Head of the search systems department,
architecture designer engineer,
projection and strategy adviser
IOIX corp., eTek Systems co.

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