[zeromq-dev] how to hook ZMTP to prepend outputs and trim inputs ?

Laurent Alebarde l.alebarde at free.fr
Sat Jan 18 16:08:25 CET 2014

Le 18/01/2014 11:58, Goswin von Brederlow a écrit :
> On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 11:40:13AM +0100, Laurent Alebarde wrote:
>> Hi Devs,
>> I am doing some experiments (cf at the end for the goal) and wonder
>> where I could hook the beginning of a message both reading and
>> writing.
>> What I want to do is prepend an outgoing message and trim an
>> incoming message (for any mechanism looks simpler) when some option
>> is set.
>> Typically, when the option is set, when a new message is received, I
>> want to be able to store a certain amount of the first bytes in a
>> new mechanism buffer, and skip them. These bytes are experimental
>> and not ZMTP, so I have to skip or trim them to not hurt ZMTP. When
>> a message is sent, I want to initialise the buffer with a copy of
>> what I previously stored before ZMTP write the buffer. If it is
>> outpos, I will do outpos += store_size;
>> So, the question is where & when I should do that to not hurt ZMTP.
>> FYI, The aim of this experiment is to manage to achieve CURVE
>> proxying. My investigations and tests so far lead me to prepend the
>> client ID in every message sent to the CURVE worker, and that the
>> worker send back this information.
>> Cheers,
>> Laurent
> How about this? (thread names in "")
> "A"        REQ    <-inproc-> STREAM "Tunnel A"
> "Tunnel A" DEALER <---tcp--> ROUTER "Midpoint"
> "Midpoint" DEALER <---tcp--> ROUTER "Tunnel B"
> "Tunnel B" STREAM <-inproc-> REP    "B"
> The "Tunnel A" and "Tunnel B" use a STREAM socket to get at the
> on-wire data. Each data packet send they envelope into a ZMQ message
> and send out their other socket. As the name suggests this tunnels
> data from "A" to "B" without the "Midpoint" parsing the data. Now
> the data can be anything, e.g. a CURVE encrypted and authenticated ZMQ
> connection.
> Does that help?
If I catch it, my initial architecture attempt:

|                  ___________________server__________________
Client  ------- frontend       /      backend ------- Worker
DEALER          ZMQ_STREAM         ZMQ_STREAM         DEALER
CURVE                                                 CURVE|


|_______________client A___________________             ____________________________server________________________________
                                                               proxy                  ________________worker B ___________
                     _________tunel A______             ______midpoint____            _____tunel B______
Client  --inproc---|||frontend|    /   backend ----tcp---- frontend / backend --inproc-- frontend / backend --inproc-- Worker
DEALER              ZMQ_STREAM|||     DEALER|              ROUTER     ROUTER             ROUTER  ZMQ_STREAM            DEALER
CURVE                                                                                                              CURVE|

which means I envelop ZMTP into whatever protocol I want, itself 
envelopped again into ZMTP, otherwise said, I put my custom protocol 
between two ZMTP layers ?

As I have adapted your suggestion to my need, I should be able to 
simplify to:

|_______________client A___________________             ____________________server_________________
                                                               proxy                  __worker B __
                     _________tunel A______             _____midpoint_____
Client  --inproc---|||frontend|    /   backend ----tcp---- frontend / backend --inproc-- Worker
DEALER              ZMQ_STREAM|||     DEALER|              ROUTER  ZMQ_STREAM            DEALER
CURVE                                                                                CURVE|

Thanks very much Goswin ! Very smart solution. I have to diggest it a 



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