[zeromq-dev] how to hook ZMTP to prepend outputs and trim inputs ?

Goswin von Brederlow goswin-v-b at web.de
Sat Jan 18 11:58:33 CET 2014

On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 11:40:13AM +0100, Laurent Alebarde wrote:
> Hi Devs,
> I am doing some experiments (cf at the end for the goal) and wonder
> where I could hook the beginning of a message both reading and
> writing.
> What I want to do is prepend an outgoing message and trim an
> incoming message (for any mechanism looks simpler) when some option
> is set.
> Typically, when the option is set, when a new message is received, I
> want to be able to store a certain amount of the first bytes in a
> new mechanism buffer, and skip them. These bytes are experimental
> and not ZMTP, so I have to skip or trim them to not hurt ZMTP. When
> a message is sent, I want to initialise the buffer with a copy of
> what I previously stored before ZMTP write the buffer. If it is
> outpos, I will do outpos += store_size;
> So, the question is where & when I should do that to not hurt ZMTP.
> FYI, The aim of this experiment is to manage to achieve CURVE
> proxying. My investigations and tests so far lead me to prepend the
> client ID in every message sent to the CURVE worker, and that the
> worker send back this information.
> Cheers,
> Laurent

How about this? (thread names in "")

"A"        REQ    <-inproc-> STREAM "Tunnel A"
"Tunnel A" DEALER <---tcp--> ROUTER "Midpoint"
"Midpoint" DEALER <---tcp--> ROUTER "Tunnel B"
"Tunnel B" STREAM <-inproc-> REP    "B"

The "Tunnel A" and "Tunnel B" use a STREAM socket to get at the
on-wire data. Each data packet send they envelope into a ZMQ message
and send out their other socket. As the name suggests this tunnels
data from "A" to "B" without the "Midpoint" parsing the data. Now
the data can be anything, e.g. a CURVE encrypted and authenticated ZMQ

Does that help?


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