[zeromq-dev] ZHeartbeat

Mark Marsella mark.marsella at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 11:18:59 CET 2014


For a system I am writing I need a ZBeacon like class (runs on a background
thread, that has pub sub like interface, sends UDP packets) but instead of
broadcast it sends the packets to a list of end points.

This will be used to send heartbeats to services a client know about,
similar to the way beacons are used on zyre after discovery.

I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in this CZMQ module
which could be called ZHeartbeat, or if anyone sees any problem or a better
solution to this.

 As it will be very similar to ZBeacon (pub, sub etc) it shouldn't take
that long, it just needs functions to add/remove endpoints to send to, and
I plan to take a stab at it soon.


Mark Marsella
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