[zeromq-dev] how to hook ZMTP to prepend outputs and trim inputs ?

Laurent Alebarde l.alebarde at free.fr
Sat Jan 18 10:27:29 CET 2014

Then out_event / in_event are not used by inproc ?

Le 18/01/2014 08:18, Pieter Hintjens a écrit :
>> TCP is a stream transport, not a message transport. There's no way to
>> know how much data you will receive in any recv() call except to use
>> your own framing (which is why ZMTP has a framing mechanism). If A
>> sends 2,000 bytes to B, then B may receive them in anything from one
>> to 2,000 pieces depending on network conditions.
>> Inproc doesn't use send()/recv() at all. UDP is message based, so each
>> recv() matches one send(). IPC is stream based, like TCP.

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