[zeromq-dev] zmq_socket_monitor blocks port of REP/REQ TCP/IP in C

Björn Kuhlbrodt bjoern.kuhlbrodt at gpsolar.com
Thu Jan 16 16:59:41 CET 2014


I' trying to use zmq_socket_monitor to get notice when my TCP/IP socket is disconnected. I do not send much but the user would like to know when something goes offline asap.
All works fine up to the point where I stop the socket and (maybe a while later) start a new one. Here's what I got:

Main thread:
m_pZContext = zmq_ctx_new();
Start comm. threads
Stop comm.  Threads

zmq_ctx_term (m_pZContext); //_always crashes!

Comm threads (n):

void* pZReceiveSocket = zmq_socket(m_pZContext, ZMQ_REP);

int result = zmq_bind(pZReceiveSocket, connection);

int rc = zmq_socket_monitor(pZReceiveSocket, monitor.c_str(), ZMQ_EVENT_ALL);
Start monitor threads
Do comm until stop signal
Stop monitor threads

int rc = zmq_unbind(pZReceiveSocket, connection);

ASSERT(rc == 0);

rc = zmq_close(pZReceiveSocket);

ASSERT(rc == 0);

Monitor threads (one per comm. Thread):

rc = zmq_connect (m_MonitorSocket, monitor.c_str());
handle events until stop signal

rc = zmq_disconnect (m_MonitorSocket, monitor.c_str());

ASSERT (rc == 0);

int rc = zmq_close (m_MonitorSocket);

ASSERT (rc == 0);

All threads end gracefully, all sockets have a  low LINGER, but zmq_ctx_term always crashes deep in libzmq.

If I don't use zmq_ctx_term the next time I try to open I get address in use.

Only way out: don't use zmq_socket_monitor and all works fine. That's too bad, tough as I'd really like to know asap when the connection is gone.

Any Ideas? Need more Input?

Best Regards

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