[zeromq-dev] Reconfigure libzmq compile cycle

Greg Ward greg at gerg.ca
Thu Jan 16 15:16:24 CET 2014

On 14 January 2014, Kenneth Adam Miller said:
> I need to reconfigure the compile cycle to:
> 1) specify a set of include directories for a pair of files
> 2) at the final libzmq link stage, it should link against some libraries
> (and also pass the location of those libraries in).

Sadly, the state of the art has not changed much these last 15 or 20
years: run "./configure --help" and see if anything there is helpful.
Try it. If it works, you're good. If not, read the Makefile, find the
variables you need to tweak, and override them on the command line.
Hope and pray that it works.

For example, in libzmq:

  $ ./configure --help 
  Some influential environment variables:
    CC          C compiler command
    CFLAGS      C compiler flags
    LDFLAGS     linker flags, e.g. -L<lib dir> if you have libraries in a
                nonstandard directory <lib dir>
    LIBS        libraries to pass to the linker, e.g. -l<library>
    CPPFLAGS    (Objective) C/C++ preprocessor flags, e.g. -I<include dir> if
                you have headers in a nonstandard directory <include dir>

...which I think tells you everything you need to know!


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