[zeromq-dev] Timing issues

Bruno D. Rodrigues bruno.rodrigues at litux.org
Thu Jan 16 10:24:28 CET 2014

Without looking at the code I assume ØMQ is not trying to send each individual message as a TCP PDU but instead, as the name implies, queues messages so it can batch them together and get the performance.

This then means the wire will be filled up when some internal buffer fills, or after a timeout, which looks like 100ms.

On the other hand I can’t see any setsockopt to configure this possible timeout value.

Any feedback from someone else before I have time to  look at the code?

On Jan 15, 2014, at 16:20, Lindley French <lindleyf at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have a test case in which I'm communicating between two threads using zmq sockets. The fact that the sockets are in the same process is an artifact of the test, not the real use-case, so I have a TCP connection between them.
> What I'm observing is that a lot of the time, it takes ~100 milliseconds between delivery of a message to the sending socket and arrival of that message on the receiving socket. Other times (less frequently) it is a matter of microseconds. I imagine this must be due to some kernel or thread scheduling weirdness, but I can't rule out that it might be due to something in 0MQ.
> If I follow the TCP socket write with one or more UDP writes using Boost.Asio, the 100 millisecond delay invariably occurs for the ZMQ TCP message but the UDP messages arrive almost instantly (before the TCP message).
> My design requires that the TCP message arrive before *most* of the UDP messages. It's fine if some come through first----UDP is faster after all, that's why I'm using it----but this big of a delay is more than I counted on, and it's concerning. I don't know if it would apply across a real network or if it's an artifact of testing in a single process.
> Any insights?
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