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Klaus Ita koki.eml at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 16:35:11 CET 2014

Hi fellow zeromqers!

We at validad love zeromq, we at validad love perl!

This is why we have created ZMQx::Class and still are the maintainers of it.
We have multiple projects of different scale implemented with zeromq and
every day we are implementing more wickedness. This called for an update on
our side (nb. zmq4).

Let me tell you about this week's updates on the Perl side of ZMQ:

* ZMQx::Class
This used to be based on ZMQ::LibZMQ3. Calid created a new wrapper for zmq4
using FFI. As a result lestrrat announced he would not implement any newer
libZMQx versions and encouraged everyone to switch to the FFI lib.
So we created an ffi branch on github which you might want to try out.
The API of ZMQx::Class has not changed, it's a drop in replacement if you
switch to the ffi version (of course you need different deps).
I still believe this module makes the hard things easy and especially for
forked environments (any webserver ;) ) there is really no better
maintainable option.
- https://github.com/domm/ZMQx-Class/tree/ffi

* ZMQ::Constants ( very nice module by lestrrat)
I still base our stuff on this. It is the best ZMQ::Constants module around
for Perl, let me say this! ZMQ::FFI provides its own Constants module, but
I will try to convince the ZMQ::FFI guys to actually switch to this more
powerful module. Thank you lestrrat for merging so quickly!
- https://github.com/klaus/p5-ZMQ
- https://github.com/lestrrat/p5-ZMQ

We have a pull request
it on github. Let's hope it will be accepted quickly as this update
also exposes and fixes a nasty bug that you would only see in ROUTER <> REQ
setups where you actually need the [ $ident, '', $payload ] structure of
the message. The bug is actually a FFI::Raw one, but the improvement /
workaround makes the ZMQ::FFI module a little better, too (win-win)!
- https://github.com/klaus/zmq-ffi

* FFI::Raw
Not really ZMQ related, just for completenes, check out at:

That's a good week for 0mq / libzmq4 / me

For any feedback on this, we are terribly thankful!

map { $_++ } qw/lesterrat calid ghedo/;


Klaus Ita / Validad

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