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Robert Gallas gallas.robert at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 22:58:12 CET 2014


I'm about implement jyre into Kivix. By briefly runnig jyre tests following
showed up (most probably my low uderstanding of domain)

Platform: Windows 7-64bit
JVM: 1.7
Multiple network interfaces installed by VirtualBox + "native" ones

1. ZreUdp constructor
for (NetworkInterface netint : Collections.list (interfaces)) {
    Enumeration <InetAddress> inetAddresses = netint.getInetAddresses ();
    for (InetAddress addr : Collections.list (inetAddresses)) {
        address = addr;
host = address.getHostAddress ();
sock.bind (new InetSocketAddress (InetAddress.getByAddress (new
byte[]{0,0,0,0}), port_nbr));

Seems like host is bind from last object of two collections. Is this

2. Windows uses IPV6 format with zone-id. adress and zone-id is separated
by percent sign

ZreMsg class has

public void setIpaddress (String format, Object ... args)
        //  Format into newly allocated string
        ipaddress = String.format (format, args);

whic is called also by ZreInterface for example in method requirePeer(...)

msg.setIpaddress (this.udp.host ());

udp.host() returns IPV6 address with zone-id

this combination of code ends up with


3. jeromq 3.2 uses package format org.zeromq. Jyre uses 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT
version of jeromq with package format org.jeromq. Is there any activity to
sync jyre jeromq dependency to 0.3.2?

Maybe if there is somebody to whom I could talk about jyre to ged som
starting points. Then I would try to make the changes ... ?

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