[zeromq-dev] Notification of peer disconnection for ZMQ_STREAM sockets.

André Caron andre.l.caron at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 06:05:59 CET 2014

Hi there!

First and foremost, kudos for all your awesome work on this excellent
library :-)

I'm experimenting with ZMQ_STREAM sockets and I'm not sure how to handle
disconnection of peers.  The man page is pretty clear on how to forcibly
disconnect a peer (send 0-length message), but there is no information
about handling disconnections.  Local tests using a simple Telnet server
implementation (pet project to accept control commands via Telnet in
ZMQ-based nodes) show me that the program never gets notified if the peer
disconnects (at least, zmq_poll never marks the socket as readable).

This piece is quite critical because an application that receives
non-framed messages (such as an HTTP server) maintains per-connection
state: in particular, you need to buffer request data until a full request
has arrived.  This state must be dropped if the peer disconnects or the
connection is lost.

Without some means to detect that a connection is no longer usable, ZMQ
programs must hold a per-connection timeout, and zmq_poll() using the min
of all these timeouts and forcibly drop the state for whichever connection
has expired, and then tell ZMQ to drop that connection.  Apart from
introducing an unnecessary delay in cleanup, this is quite a bit of work to
be repeated in each place where we use ZMQ_STREAM sockets... (I'm not
hoping to do this routinely, it would still be a pain to maintain).

It seems to me that ZMQ_STREAM is so close to looking like a real ZMQ
socket.  The last thing it needs IMO to be close enough would be to have
the following behavior on peer-initiated disconnection:
- zmq_poll() shows disconnected ZMQ_STREAM sockets as readable; and
- zmq_msg_recv() return as zero-length message.
This would make for such a smoother experience of bridging ZMQ with
existing protocols!

Any thoughts on this?


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