[zeromq-dev] Building on Windows (32 and 64 bit)

Robin Newton robin.newton at linguamatics.com
Wed Jan 8 16:43:58 CET 2014


I'm trying to find out about building 0MQ on Windows.

Having recently done some interesting prototyping with 0MQ on Linux 
(thanks, btw) I now need to make sure that 0MQ is available for general 
use in the same manner as other third party libraries used where I work. 
This includes having 32-bit and 64-bit Windows builds. (I should 
probably mention at this stage that I'm not really a Windows person, so 
my questions will be a bit on the stupid side.)

The easy thing to do is to use the Windows installers 
(http://zeromq.org/distro:microsoft-windows) to get the various files I 
need onto a machine, and then copy them. However:-

(a) The latest installers are for release 4.0.1, rather than for 4.0.3. 
I don't think I'd want to mix-and-match library versions even if the 
headers hadn't changed.

(b) The pre-built binaries look to have been done with a different 
version of Visual Studio to the one we are using for Boost. (I don't 
know if this is a problem, but it's one more thing to think about.)

(c) I'd like to know in principle how to build from scratch, even if I 
don't strictly need to at the moment. There's always the possibility, 
after all, that we might want to tinker with the source.

The instructions at http://zeromq.org/docs:windows-installations are 
perhaps less helpful than they might be. Oh, hang on: I've just spotted 
the line the middle the section entitled "Git + Python + libzmq + pyzmq" 
that says "Open libzmq\builds\msvc\msvc.sln in Visual C++ and build the 
solution." Perhaps if I just ignore all the git/Python stuff, and just 
go with that. Back in a two ticks...

... if I open msvc.sln I can only do 32-bit builds, but if use 
msvc10.sln then I get the choice of Win32 and x64 as targets in the 
Configuration Manager ... and I can do Release builds for both. 
(Incidentally, this is using Visual Studio Professional 2012, and 
allowing it to upgrade the project files.)

Yes, that all looks quite plausible. Thanks for listening; you've been 
very helpful. There's nothing I've missed, is there?


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