[zeromq-dev] test_filter_ipc failure

Matt Connolly matt.connolly at me.com
Fri Jan 3 01:45:44 CET 2014


I’m seeing the test_filter_ipc test fail on Mac OS X and SmartOS (Solaris). I see it passes on linux in the travis tests. Other tests are passing on both platforms. 

After digging in to the code, I can see that the ipc:/ endpoint is starting with “@“ which on linux is converted to a NUL char and has a special meaning where the socket is “abstract” and the name does not appear in the file system. I assume this is linux specific as I haven’t found any Mac, BSD or Solaris 

If I change the endpoint to “ipc://test_filter_ipc.sock” it works. I also notice that it’s using ZMQ_PAIR sockets, which according to the docs are only for inproc: transports, so I’ve changed this to ZMQ_DEALER, which also matches usage of the “bounce()” test function.

I’ve updated the test to not use an abstract socket, in https://github.com/zeromq/libzmq/pull/804

Was there a reason it was done on an abstract socket?


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