[zeromq-dev] SUB socket not sending subscriptions via broker to PUB socket on reconnect

Bryan Novack bryan.novack at dynetics.com
Thu Feb 27 16:23:57 CET 2014

1 Publisher application (connecting to broker XSUB socket) (Machine A)
3 Subscriber applications (connecting to broker XPUB socket) (Machine B)
1 Broker (zmq_proxy binding XPUB and XSUB sockets) (Machine A)

Regardless of startup order, everything works fine the first time. If I take 
down the Publisher only and bring it back online, everything works fine. If I 
take down the Subscribers only and bring them back online, everything works 
fine. If I take the Broker down and bring it back online, the Subscribers are 
not receiving published messages.

I have added a capture socket to zmq_proxy and the published messages are 
getting to the broker, but for some reason they are never getting to the 
Subscribers. From my novice perspective, it seems like the Subscribers aren't 
resending their subscriptions when the connection is restablished with the 

Machine information (if it makes a difference):
CentOS6 64-bit
Gigabit Ethernet connections through 4-port switch

Hopefully this is user error and is easily corrected.


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