[zeromq-dev] Need 100K+ IPC sockets

Joe Lin jlin at peaxy.net
Tue Feb 25 21:08:24 CET 2014

I'm building a server that should support 100K+ concurrent users. A user
belongs to one or more groups and the number of groups would be around 1/10
of the total users. Therefore there will be about 10K groups. A user needs
to be notified by the events that occur in the groups that he/she belong
and the events occur at a  frequency 10/sec/group.

My idea is to create a 0MQ broker per group. A user will be connected to
one or more brokers via 0MQ IPC socket (maybe a ROUTER socket). When an
event is sent to a broker the broker then route the event to the connected
clients. Let's say that a user usually belong to 5 groups. It means that,
for 100K users and 10K groups I will need to bind 10K IPC sockets and will
need 500K IPC socket connection in the server.

So I have two questions regarding this:

1. Does this sound like a reasonable use case to use 0MQ IPC socket? Any
alternative design?

2. Does ZeroMq limit the number of sockets per context? It seems that I get
a failure of "too many open files" although my system has ulimit of

Thanks for any help.
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