[zeromq-dev] Queue full indication when queue is not full

davewalter at comcast.net davewalter at comcast.net
Fri Feb 7 19:27:09 CET 2014

Hi folks, 

Currently using 0MQ 3.2.3 on Red Hat Linux 6.4. I have a ZRE application 
in which a server is reading from a Router socket and replying to a Dealer 
socket, all in non-blocking mode. I have set the RCVHWM and SNDHWM options 
to 100 on all sockets. 

There is a use case where a client sends many small requests to the server, 
but the server may be busy and not able to service requests for a period. 
This allows the requests to queue up. The client sending the requests does 
not hit the HWM mark because the TCP layer has a large buffer size compared 
to the messages, so many hundreds of messages can be queued. 

When the server is able to service the requests, it does so very quickly, 
draining the requests from the receive queue and sending replies back to 
the client. This "whiplash" effect may cause the send to fail with EAGAIN 
error after only 70 or so replies sent, meaning the send queue HWM has 
been hit. I found that if I insert a 1ms wait followed by a retry after a 
HWM error, it almost always succeeds. 

On studying the 0MQ code, I found there is a throttling mechanism in 
socket_base.cpp that may cause a HWM error even when the send queue is 
actually not full. Apparently others have encountered this situation as 
well, it is discussed at these links: 


In the second link (May 11, 2012) Martin Sustrik acknowledged the issue 
and offered a patch for it. It doesn't appear that this patch has actually 
been introduced to the 3.2.x stable release. (I tested with V3.2.4 and saw 
the same behavior.) 

Has this behavior been fixed in some other way? I understand that the 
throttling can be modified by reducing the value of the max_command_delay 
configuration variable. What effect does lowering that value have on 
0MQ performance? 

Thanks for any help, 
Dave Walter 

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