[zeromq-dev] Handling high socket or connection counts

Olaf Mandel o.mandel at menlosystems.com
Fri Feb 7 09:32:14 CET 2014

Am 06.02.2014 18:50, schrieb Michel Pelletier:
> It's true a client can only make ~60K outgoing connections (due to
> ephemeral port exhaustion) but a server with bound sockets can have up to
> 64K connections _per port_.  Here's a blog post from urban airship
> detailing their experiments with pushing connection limits up to 500K on a
> single machine:
> http://urbanairship.com/blog/2010/08/24/c500k-in-action-at-urban-airship/
> I was wrong by a similar order of magnitude, it's per port per client.
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2332741/what-is-the-theoretical-maximum-number-of-open-tcp-connections-that-a-modern-lin
> It's basically unlimited.


thank you for the two links: the stackoverflow post certainly answers
the question of number of connections allowed. And the urbanairship post
actually gives me a feeling what kind of performance to aim for :-)

Best regards,
Olaf Mandel

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