[zeromq-dev] question about the documentation to provide when adding a set of functions

Laurent Alebarde l.alebarde at free.fr
Tue Feb 4 23:34:40 CET 2014

Hi Devs,

I have finished to develop zmq_proxy_open_chain. This one comes with a 
few functions, in particular the one to sleep/awake a socket.

typedef struct zmq_proxy_open_chain_t {unsigned char _ [496];} 
ZMQ_EXPORT int zmq_proxy_open_chain_init (zmq_proxy_open_chain_t 
**proxy_open_chain_, void **open_endpoints_,
         void **frontends_, void **backends_, void *capture_, void 
**hooks_, void *control_, long time_out_);
ZMQ_EXPORT int zmq_proxy_open_chain_set_socket_events_mask 
(zmq_proxy_open_chain_t *proxy_open_chain_, size_t socket_index, int state);
ZMQ_EXPORT int zmq_proxy_open_chain (zmq_proxy_open_chain_t 
ZMQ_EXPORT int zmq_proxy_open_chain_close (zmq_proxy_open_chain_t 

I have just to update the doc before pushing and pull-request.

Shall I provide one doc per function, or one only, or the same several 
times with one copy per function ?



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