[zeromq-dev] Using pyczmq for zcert/zauth only

Greg Ward greg at gerg.ca
Mon Feb 3 18:30:15 CET 2014

Hi all --

I'm back to playing around with pyczmq for secure messaging. I'm
perfectly happy with the pyzmq interface. In fact, I could happily
stick with 0MQ 3.2.x, and ignore CZMQ (and pyczmq) entirely, except
for the need for authentication and encryption.

A few weeks ago, I successfully translated the example "ironhouse"
code from Pieter's blog (http://hintjens.com/blog:49) to Python using
pyczmq. Now, as an experiment, I'm trying to switch that over to using
*mostly* plain pyzmq (context, sockets, messages -- all the stuff that
already works great with 0MQ 3.2), depending on pyczmq only for zcert
and zauth. And I'm stumped.

First attempt: back on Jan 17, Michel Pelletier said:
> pyczmq exposes both zctx_shadow_zmq_ctx to make a czmq context out of
> a zmq one

but that doesn't seem to be true. There is no wrapper for
zctx_shadow_zmq_ctx() in pyczmq/zctx.py. So I tried adding one:

--- a/pyczmq/zctx.py
+++ b/pyczmq/zctx.py
@@ -47,6 +50,11 @@ def new():
     return ffi.gc(C.zctx_new(), destroy)
+ at cdef('zctx_t * zctx_shadow_zmq_ctx (void *zmqctx);')
+def shadow_zmq_ctx(zmqctx):
+    return C.zctx_shadow_zmq_ctx(zmqctx)
 @cdef('void zctx_set_iothreads (zctx_t *self, int iothreads);')
 def set_iothreads(ctx, iothreads):

But that doesn't work:

$ cat shadow-ctx.py
import zmq
from pyczmq import zctx

ctx1 = zmq.Context()
ctx2 = zctx.shadow_zmq_ctx(ctx1)

$ python shadow-ctx.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "shadow-ctx.py", line 5, in <module>
    ctx2 = zctx.shadow_zmq_ctx(ctx1)
  File "/data/src/pyczmq/pyczmq/_cffi.py", line 21, in inner_f
    val = f(*args)
  File "/data/src/pyczmq/pyczmq/zctx.py", line 55, in shadow_zmq_ctx
    return C.zctx_shadow_zmq_ctx(zmqctx)
TypeError: initializer for ctype 'void *' must be a cdata pointer, not Context

Arghghh. Impedance mismatch. Any idea how to make that wrapper work?

Second attempt: also back on Jan 17, Michel continued:
> ... and zctx_underlying for the inverse.

OK, I figured, If I can't turn a pyzmq-created Context into something
that pyczmq likes, maybe I can go the other way.

$ cat underlying-ctx.py
import zmq
from pyczmq import zctx

ctx1 = zctx.new()
ctx2 = zctx.underlying(ctx1)
print ctx1
print ctx2

$ python underlying-ctx.py 
<cdata 'zctx_t *' 0x13f47c0>
None                           <<< ARGH! (not a pyzmq Context object)

The problem is right in the docstring for zctx.underlying():

def underlying(ctx):
    Return low-level 0MQ context object, will be NULL before first socket
    is created. Use with care.

Well, I'm stumped. Has anyone successfully used pyzmq and pyczmq in
the same script? Care to show the code?

Thanks --


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