[zeromq-dev] Proxy with inproc frontend

Brandon Carpenter brandon.carpenter at pnnl.gov
Mon Feb 3 17:42:14 CET 2014


I didn't quite follow the entire description in your post, but the first 
couple of sentences sound like something I am doing.

> I have a scenario where I want multiple simultaneous event handlers to 
> publish ZMQ messages on one PUB socket. To do so, I used the following 
> design:

In that case, I bind two sockets: PULL for incoming messages and PUB for 
outgoing messages. Then the two are plugged together using a proxy. 
Publishers connect to the PULL socket using a PUSH socket; messages get 
passed on to the PUB socket; and subscribers, who connect to the PUB 
socket using a SUB socket, receive messages matching their 
subscriptions. Subscribers still suffer from the slow joiner issue, but 
published messages will not be dropped from the perspective of the PUB 
socket.The above produces a single message bus which allows multiple, 
concurrent publishers and subscribers.

Hope this helps,


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