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Mon Dec 15 15:43:07 CET 2014


>>For clarity, are you relying on zeromq/libzmq, zeromq/zeromq4-1 or



I WAS using the Visual Studio 2013 solution included with the source code
for zeromq-4.0.4.  Typically would simply open the solution set it to
'release' mode and click 'build solution'.  This would not find the
libsodium build already installed on my computer.  Trying to manually link
to libsodium gave build errors.



>>Using zeromq/libzmq or zeromq/zeromq4-1:


>>In the first two, builds/msvc/vs2013/libzmq.sln provides a solution file
referencing all projects.  In the Solution Explorer, right click and select
'Properties' to reach a screen with 'Configuration >>Properties' accessable.

>From here you can reach 'ZMQ Options'.  By default, sodium is enabled 


>>will define HAVE_LIBSODIUM.


>>Linking in libsodium is handled by 'Local Dependencies', a peer of 'ZMQ
Options'.  It contains 'libsodium' and 'Linkage' which are currently by
default linked.  Please note that nuget will be used >>to pull down the
libsodium package for linking.


>>Using zeromq/zeromq4-x:


>>A quick look shows that somehow this repo does not contain the latest
refactor of project files.  I know evoskuil put in a significant effort to
achieve the above and so would advise taking a look >>at the 4-1 variant if
at all possible.


>From here http://zeromq.org/intro:get-the-software I downloaded
http://download.zeromq.org/zeromq-4.1.0-rc1.zip .  Extracted the files and
went to C:\zeromq-4.1.0\builds\msvc\vs2013\libzmq.sln I tried to open the
project using Visual Studio Express 2013.  In the Solution Explorer each of
the seven projects shows "load failed" with output errors:


C:\zeromq-4.1.0\builds\msvc\vs2013\local_lat\local_lat.vcxproj : error  :
Unable to read the project file "local_lat.vcxproj".

C:\zeromq-4.1.0\builds\msvc\vs2013\local_lat\local_lat.vcxproj(62,5): The
imported project "C:\zeromq-4.1.0\builds\msvc\properties\Debug.props" was
not found. Confirm that the path in the <Import> declaration is correct, and
that the file exists on disk.


On inspection file:

C:\zeromq-4.1.0\builds\msvc\vs2013\local_lat\local_lat.vcxproj  <-------is

C:\zeromq-4.1.0\builds\msvc\properties\Debug.props <------- is absent.


Now what's wrong??  Many thanks for help so far Phillip; and apologies for
causing a nuisance with this!  Truly, it shouldn't be this difficult!




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