[zeromq-dev] Proposal for Z-Components in Java

Frédéric Déléchamp frederic.delechamp at softetic.com
Sun Dec 14 17:18:00 CET 2014

Hello all,

this is a rather lengthy message but ... I kind of promise you at least a
good reading :)

I just made a pull request into Jeromq git repo, as a proposal
implementation for several Z-components . I have the modest ambition that
they may be of some use for you too, and the request to give me hints and
comments about this work and to point me to the right directions. (I know
the hospital way, thank you)

It relies on Java, but I tried to make it most readable for people not
familiar with this language :)

I tried to be as close as possible to czmq but some differences remain.
These components are:

- ZPoller : a rewriting of Poller to make more use of Java structures. It
is event-driven enabled, customizable, inheritable without rewriting
everything, with a possible share of resources.

- ZAgent : a contract interface for safer messaging with a distant
background service. I really am not sure about the name of this one.

- ZStar: the core implementation of a distant background service and its
user communication endpoint, with socket creation deferring to try to
ensure their best possible use. And a "basic" contract interface. Don't
take the code too madly, there is a "showMustGoOn" method :), but  the more
I wrote it, the more I found the theatrical metaphor I used quite fitting
the process. And VERY readable. And it makes the job. For once I wanted to
write a non-boring code to re-read and fully apply what I always said to my
students: Choose meaningful names when coding. Maybe I went too far into
the féerie ...

- ZActor: a remote controlled restartable background service
implementation,, with a contract interface to ease separation of concerns
between control messages and flow messages, and also have a hand on the
keypoint's looping decision.

... and finally, using all of this ...

- ZProxy: a remote controlled proxy background service with start, stop,
pause, cold restart, customizable: hot restart, configuration requests,
extra commands. Basic commands can be sent in sync or async mode. Also able
to modify messages on the flow if wanted by implementing a one-method
interface. I made most of it because I saw the possibilities and wanted to
explore them, not because of an immediate use or need.

Well at least this is their intents.

If you have a look at some parts of the code, you may find it crazy at
first, and it is my feeling as well. At least for some parts. Some renaming
could be done as well. At least for some parts.
Some parts I did I will not use and did not test.

I got several HUGE insomnia crises these last months, and tried to express
during these awaken periods some patterns I identified in the guide. I
found a mental picture to describe some of them and the more I put it in
accordance with the requirements, the more I found it didactic as well for
readers. This is why it is in this form. And the fact that I am so tired
that I probably (?) became berserk at some point.

I tried, as an exercise of style, to make these components usable while
delegating, composing or inheriting, or using Java-centric terminology. It
is definitely not finished, especially the ZPoller, but I have the feeling
they can start to fight for their existence in this form.

About the differences with czmq: I had the feeling that ZPoller could make
a good use of event dispatching without the need of a ZLoop.. When I wrote
ZActor, I realized the more general algorithm of ZStar and decided to split
it into 2 separate concepts. So if you don't like my ZActor proposal, ZStar
may be still useable for your own implementation. And I discovered czmq
 zproxy AFTER writing mine. But I think this implementation covers almost
all the spec (resume=start) ...

I am interested in your comments, good or bad. For the "crazy" one, I
repeat: I am aware of that.

I also have some motivations to expose you this work: I have a very
interesting project but a severe deprivation of sleep, and if you could
help me to perfect these components or find some replcament so I could
focus later back on my main project , I would be very glad.

... I really need some rest now. I will come back later.

Thanks for the time you have taken to read this. Hope you will find some
time as well to read my code!

Have a nice time with your families!

PS: I am french so I used some expressions of my language instead of the
english ones.

Frédéric Déléchamp
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