[zeromq-dev] A design question

Bob Clarke optionguy71 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 07:54:07 CET 2014

Platform: 0MQ 4.0.4 on Windows 7/Windows Server 2008

I am writing a server monitoring program to replace an ancient (1999)
program that is almost impossible to maintain.

All of our application servers host proprietary Windows services written in
C++ (except for a couple .Net apps) that use a proprietary synchronous
request/response system (it works very well, has been for many years, and
isn't being replaced any time soon).

The monitoring program sends test scripts to the server apps and waits for
a reply. In most cases, the reply is almost immediate, but in some cases,
there could be a delay of up to 30 seconds. So, to avoid one script causing
delays with others, each test script runs in its own thread. This thread
must send its results back to a listener, so it creates and uses a 0MQ
socket to do so. Each test script has a repeat interval; some are run every
five seconds, but most are run every 45 seconds, 90 seconds, or less

There are about 280 test scripts (we have thousands of servers across three
data centers), so I seem to have two unfortunate choices:
1) Keep the script threads around so I'm not creating and destroying a
socket each time a test runs;
2) Let the script threads terminate so I am not keeping 280 threads open at
once. Since the script repeat intervals are quite long in computer terms,
these threads will spend most of their time do nothing.

I lean towards the first option, but opening and closing sockets that often
doesn't sound good. Then again, keeping 280+ threads around doesn't sound
so great, either.

So before I go too far down this development road, does anyone have some
experience they could share?


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