[zeromq-dev] using majordomo broker with asynchronous clients

Vishal Ahuja vahuja4 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 03:40:01 CET 2014

While reading the zeromq guide, I came across client code (pertaining to
the majordomo pattern) which sends 100k requests in a loop, and then
receives the reply in a second loop.

    #include "../include/mdp.h"
    #include <time.h>

    int main (int argc, char *argv [])
        int verbose = (argc > 1 && streq (argv [1], "-v"));
        mdp_client_t *session = mdp_client_new ("tcp://localhost:5555",
        int count;
        for (count = 0; count < 100000; count++) {
            zmsg_t *request = zmsg_new ();
            zmsg_pushstr (request, "Hello world");
            mdp_client_send (session, "echo", &request);
        printf("sent all\n");

        for (count = 0; count < 100000; count++) {
            zmsg_t *reply = mdp_client_recv (session,NULL,NULL);
            if (reply)
                zmsg_destroy (&reply);
                break;              //  Interrupted by Ctrl-C
            printf("reply received:%d\n", count);
        printf ("%d replies received\n", count);
        mdp_client_destroy (&session);
        return 0;

I have added a counter to count the number of replies that the worker
(test_worker.c) sends to the broker, and another counter in mdp_broker.c to
count the number of replies the broker sends to a client. Both of these
count up to 100k, but the client is receiving only around 37k replies.

If the number of client requests is set to around 40k, then it receives all
the replies. Can someone please tell me why packets are lost when the
client sends more than 40k asynchronous requests?

I tried setting the HWM to 100k for the broker socket, but the problem

    static broker_t *
    s_broker_new (int verbose)
        broker_t *self = (broker_t *) zmalloc (sizeof (broker_t));
        int64_t hwm = 100000;
        //  Initialize broker state
        self->ctx = zctx_new ();
        self->socket = zsocket_new (self->ctx, ZMQ_ROUTER);
        zmq_setsockopt(self->socket, ZMQ_SNDHWM, &hwm, sizeof(hwm));

        zmq_setsockopt(self->socket, ZMQ_RCVHWM, &hwm, sizeof(hwm));
        self->verbose = verbose;
        self->services = zhash_new ();
        self->workers = zhash_new ();
        self->waiting = zlist_new ();
        self->heartbeat_at = zclock_time () + HEARTBEAT_INTERVAL;
        return self;

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