[zeromq-dev] Implementing zeromq security.

Riskybiz riskybizlive at live.com
Wed Dec 10 14:42:42 CET 2014

I'd like to implement zeromq security on my interpretation of the 'clone'
pattern and have been checking out:  http://hintjens.com/blog:48 &
http://hintjens.com/blog:49 .  The security examples use CMZQ.


Because CZMQ is not available to me on Windows I have created my own poll
reactor and multipart message code in C++ to mimic the clone pattern; I know
this is reinventing the wheel but it was the only practical means available
to get the functionality needed on the platforms I use.


In the same vein I'll have to create the security implementation from


My questions are: 


Does anyone know of any good resources  / examples demonstrating which RAW
zeromq api calls need to be made to implement zeromq security?  Seems like I
should try and aim for the IronHouse pattern.


Is it simply a case of setting requisite socket options and providing
correct security keys?


Are the handshaking processes which establish connection authenticity
handled behind the scenes?


What elements of the security process does zeromq provide for and what needs
to be coded by the user?


Does zeromq need to be built differently with security options enabled?



Any assistance to get started is much appreciated,







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