[zeromq-dev] Serializing messages

George ggitau at ilabafrica.co.ke
Wed Dec 3 10:04:41 CET 2014

It seems like sending multi-part messages via zstr_sendx has severely 
affected my through put. When using zstr_send the throughput is about 
300,000 messages per second but with zstr_sendx with about 6 messages 
that brings it down to about 30,000 messages per second. 

I want to send all the multi-part messages all at once as one message 
with zstr_send so that I can improve performance. Which is the best way 
to serialize these messages. I could append a semi-colon at the end of 
each message but this could easily be messed up by a message string 
that already has a semi-colon in it.

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