[zeromq-dev] First draft for PPPP rfc (paranoid pirate publish protocol)

Goswin von Brederlow goswin-v-b at web.de
Mon Aug 25 17:13:22 CEST 2014


I've written up a first draft for my PPPP protocol:

PPPP implements a reliable two-way dialog between peers. PPPP covers
presence, heartbeating, request-reply processing and ACKing of
messages. It was based loosly on the Paranoid Pirate Protocol.

The goals of PPPP are to:

* Allow peers to detect disconnection of the other peer, through the use of
* Allow peers to detect out-of-order messages by adding sequence numbers.
* Allow peers to detect message loss when peers reconnect and resend (or
  rerequest) messages.
* Allow peers to acknowledge receiving a message or not-acknowledge lost
  messages for fast resent.
* Allow peers to associate replies with requests.
* Allow peers to publish messages without disrupting the ability of peers to
  associate replies with requests.

For the full specs see:


The RFC defines the on-wire protocol and behaviour for 2 protocol
devices. One device for clients talking to a single server and one for
servers talking to many clients. The devices will handle all the
tidious protocol handling, acks, resends and timeouts and so on. The
applications can then simply send-and-forget messages. RFCs for the
devices to follow.

Comments welcome.


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