[zeromq-dev] Problems using a linux server with a windows client [REP/REQ]

Sebastiaan Haffert sebastiaanhaffert at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 12:57:04 CEST 2014

Hello ZeroMQ community,

I am trying to send messages from a windows client to a linux server using
the REQ/REP pattern with ZeroMQ. The server side code is the hwserver.cpp
code from the examples of the 0MQ guide. And for the client side I also use
the example code hwclient.cpp

Now the problem at hand is the following. If I use a Linux server and
client I am able to send messages, receive them and send a reply back which
is also received. When the server and client are both run in Windows I also
can receive and send messages. If the server is running in Windows and the
client is running in Linux it also works. These tests make me think I have
at least the correct IP adresses.

When I try to use a Linux server and a Windows client, the messages that
are send do not arrive at the server. And I don't know what could cause
this, since the reverse with a Windows server + Linux client works
perfectly. I found a similar question
but the solution posted there did not work.

I use Fedora 20 with g++ 4.8.3 and Windows 8 with Microsoft Visual Studio

Is there an option that has to be flagged when doing this kind of 0MQ
connection ?


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