[zeromq-dev] FileMQ Manual Send/Recv + Symbolic Link

HG Choi c.hogyun at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 11:24:26 CEST 2013

To Developers,

Thank you Pieter for you fast response previously on porting CZMQ/2.x to
FileMQ. It worked perfectly after your update.

If need be, please don't hesitate to reply RTFM at any time.

I guess bottom line, I want to work around the directory staging in FileMQ.
The "Drag and Drop", implementation is very well done and easy to use, but
in the edge case where a previously sent file in the send directory is just
replaced, not deleted and written over/appended, by a newer edition but
with the same file name, the server will not recognize this. For it to
recognize, it must be deleted fully and then copied. (From the Zguide, it
should be able to recognize w/o deletion... Hmm maybe an error in my

That is why I would like the option of being able to manually send and
receive files located in path "/X" by method calls, completely autonomous
from the current patch system and I think the mounting system..

I think the function already exists somewhere..

The ZGuide suggests the use of symbolic links to get around the fixed
staging problem. I see this as an alternative solution to the manual
send/revc calls, but if this is truly the best solution, I will use it. How
ever, I do not have a fmq_file.c in my filemq/src directory. It looks as if
fmq now uses zfile_t.

1) How does one manually send/recv files between server and client
autonomous fom 'drag and drop'?
2) How does one implement the symbolic link feature when using 'drag and

Thank you for reading,

HG Choi
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